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Where to Sell Your Collectibles in Westmont, IL

Collecting various items is one of those hobbies that transcends age and social status. Besides the feeling of nostalgia you get from admiring the pieces, you can also get the immense feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes with completing your collection. Collecting valuable items can be a smart and lucrative investment, as their value may increase over time. 

Keep reading to learn more about the collectible items we specialize in here at Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer and how you can preserve and display them in ways that maintain their value and condition.

Non-Sports Trading Cards

When people think of collectible cards, the ones with famous sports figures usually come to mind. However, the trading card world is much larger and covers a wide range of themes and topics. Some of the most valuable non-sports trading cards include full sets, individual cards in mint condition, and particularly rare individual cards. Popular categories include:

  • Pop culture: Some of the most popular non-sports trading cards feature various pop culture elements, including actors, movies, TV shows, and comic books. They usually feature specific characters and iconic scenes.
  • Sci-fi and fantasy: While this can fit into the pop culture and entertainment category, there are so many valuable sci-fi and fantasy trading cards out there that it’s worth placing them in their own category. They usually showcase legendary sci-fi and fantasy storylines, characters, and other types of artwork.
  • Music: Some famous musicians are timeless, and so are the trading cards representing them. They may represent album covers, concert photos, promotional posters, and other related artwork.
  • Art and literature: These cards represent famous pieces of art, in various forms. They may showcase classic artists and writers, book covers, well-known literary quotes, and other related content.
  • History: Some trading cards represent famous historical figures and events. They may depict famous rulers, epic battles, or historical discoveries.

Celebrity Autographs

Autographs have long been a good way for members of the public to connect with celebrities. An autograph collection can include signatures from various types of celebrities besides sports figures, including actors, musicians, politicians, writers, and virtually any other type of popular public figure. They’re usually written on pieces of paper but can also be located on various objects, significantly increasing their value. For instance, a guitar signed by a legendary guitarist can become highly valuable. Some of the most relevant factors that determine a celebrity autograph’s value are:

  • Their authenticity: A valuable celebrity autograph is obviously a real one. If you didn’t see the celebrity signing it with your own eyes, it’s usually best to have an expert take a look at it and confirm its authenticity. 
  • The celebrity who signed it: The single most relevant element that gives value to a celebrity autograph is the celebrity themselves. As a general rule, the more famous and intriguing a celebrity is, the more valuable their autograph is.
  • The medium and context: Good stories are valuable and an autograph that has a story behind it will be worth more. A piece of paper with Charlie Chaplin’s autograph is pretty valuable, but his signature on a contract for one of his movies will be worth way more.
  • Its condition: As with most other collectible items, an autograph in good condition is typically more valuable than a damaged one or one with a faded signature.
  • Various temporary trends: Some autographs may be more valuable in specific contexts. For instance, Robert Oppenheimer’s signature was more valuable after the movie Oppenheimer came out and was a hit with the public.

Preserving and Displaying Collectibles

As mentioned earlier, a major factor that determines a collectible’s value is its condition. Even non-gold metal pieces can deteriorate if they’re not properly stored and displayed. Consider these tips to help you preserve and showcase your collection without affecting its value:

Keep Them Away From Extreme Heat and Humidity

This is particularly important for paper collectibles like cards and autographs but that doesn’t mean that other types of items can’t be affected by heat and humidity. As a general rule, it’s best to keep your collectibles at a cool temperature and moderate humidity levels.

Try To Avoid Touching Them

Although taking your collectibles out and admiring them may be tempting, doing so increases the risk of damage. Your hands may be oily and dirty, which may affect the material. If you have to touch them, make sure you wash your hands first or wear special gloves.

Use Long-Lasting Ink When Taking an Autograph

If you collect autographs yourself, make sure to use ink that won’t fade away in time, such as archival ink. Nothing is more frustrating for an autograph collector than keeping an autograph for many years and then discovering it has faded away.

Display Them in a Dark and Smoke-Free Room

If you wish to display your collectibles, make sure to keep them away from sunlight and smoke, as they can deteriorate as a result. Also, try to keep them from touching each other, as this can cause damage.

Evaluating and Selling Collectibles

Here at Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer, we use all our expertise to make sure each collection seller gets a fair price. We’ll carefully assess your collection and evaluate it based on multiple factors, including its condition, rarity, and cultural relevance. When appraising an item, we also use our extensive expertise to certify each item’s authenticity and compare it with similar ones that have been recently sold.

If you have a large collection, we can also travel to your location. If you’d like a quick and easy way to estimate some of the items in your collection, you can use our website to upload pictures and information and we’ll get back to you with our estimated value.

Get Your Collectibles Appraised Today

Your collection is not only a source of pride and nostalgia but can also become a significant source of income. Our experts at Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer are ready to determine a fair market value for your collectibles. From sports memorabilia to non-sports items like autographs and trading cards, we want to see what you’ve got. Contact us today and visit our website for more information.

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