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How To Sell Your Diamonds for Cash

Diamonds are one of the most widely recognized and universally prized stones in the world. If you have precious diamonds in your collection that no longer suit your style, you can trade these pieces for cash that can better serve your needs. Find out how to sell your diamonds.

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What Is My Diamond Worth?

Many factors affect the value of a diamond. A professional assessing your diamond will look at the following:

  • Color: Buyers prefer clear diamonds with no cloudiness to their appearance. Brilliant white diamonds are often preferred, but other colors are saleable as well.
  • Cut: The cut or shape of the diamond should feature straight, precise lines. Fancy shapes such as cushions and hearts are often worth more because they require more precision and skill.
  • Clarity: This is determined by the number and severity of inclusions in the diamond. The best diamonds have no flaws that are visible to the naked eye.
  • Carat weight: The carat weight is the overall size of the diamond. Bigger is better when all other factors are equal, but it’s often better to have an extremely high-quality diamond of a moderate size than a large, flawed stone.
  • Certification: A diamond that comes with authentic certification is worth slightly more, but you shouldn’t let this deter you. Certifications and appraisals are not required to sell your diamond.
  • Demand: The diamond market is constantly fluctuating, with ebbs and flows in demand for diamonds of all types. Buyers will pay more for a trending color or cut, and they offer higher prices overall when the diamond market is thriving.

When you bring your diamond into Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer, we look at these six factors to determine the value of your diamond. We’ll examine your diamond immediately and evaluate its value at the counter so you can observe the process and get an immediate response.

Appraisal vs. Cash Value

Appraisal values are different from cash values in several key ways. An insurance appraisal value is the amount of money you’d need to replace your diamond with one of like value and quality by purchasing it from a reliable marketplace in a short amount of time. The insurance appraisal value should cover the cost of fully replacing or restoring your item should it get damaged or stolen. This price does not reflect the fair market value for the item.

The cash value or fair market value for your diamond is the price you can get in a fair sale with a willing buyer. The buyer must determine their price based on what they can resell the item for and whether they can reasonably expect to break even or make a profit on the item. The fair market value for a diamond is less than the appraisal value because these numbers relate to two very different situations.

If you want to shop around and explore the price you can get for your diamond at different locations, make sure you’re getting the fair market value price and not the price associated with an insurance appraisal. While you may choose to get your item appraised by an insurer before you sell it, this isn’t required.

How Can I Sell My Diamond?

If you’re ready to sell a precious diamond, the first thing you should do is carefully consider its condition and value. Shop around for similar diamonds on the secondhand market to see what they’re going for. Research the diamond market to determine whether this is a prime time to trade your diamond for cash. You can visit multiple jewelers and get their cash valuations for your diamond to get a well-rounded understanding of its worth.

Once you’re educated on your item, you can proceed to consider your offers. At Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer, we offer cash on the spot so you don’t have to wait for an offer or come back later to collect. If you have any documentation on the diamond, such as an insurance appraisal or certification, bring this with you.

Selling your diamond is much quicker and easier than you might think. One of our staff members will assess the item in front of you and make a cash offer on the spot. If you choose to accept, you’ll receive your payment immediately.

Where Should I Sell My Diamond?

Depending on your location, you may have access to a variety of pawn shops, consignment shops, and jewelers. Pawn shops offer fast cash, but they don’t typically offer the best prices. These locations focus on quick sales and often lack the expertise of a professional jeweler.

Jewelry consignment shops may offer a prime price, but this is contingent upon the sale of the diamond. If the diamond sells, you’ll pay the consignment shop a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price for its services. Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer is committed to giving you the best price for your jewelry while maintaining a distinguished and respectful environment where you feel comfortable selling your precious items.

What Are the Benefits of Selling Diamonds for Cash?

Selling your diamonds for cash is a great way to convert pieces you no longer love into something with more value to you. In some cases, your diamond jewelry may carry unpleasant memories from a past relationship. In other instances, this jewelry represents a certain style that no longer suits your personality or place in life. Selling these items gives you the cash you need to purchase new pieces that are better suited to your tastes and situation.

Get a Cash Offer Today

If you have diamonds that you’re ready to part with, visit Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer to find out what they’re worth. We’ll quote a price on the spot and give you quick answers to all your questions about the value and potential of your diamonds.

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