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How to Sell Your Jewelry in Westmont, IL

Do you have beautiful jewelry you never wear anymore, sitting untouched in a jewelry box or safe? Instead of holding onto it, make some cash with your jewelry. Some pieces, such as fine jewelry from high-end brands or vintage designs from decades past, can be worth plenty of money. Bring your fine jewelry to our Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers store near Chicago, and we’ll offer you a fair price for its value. You can walk out the same day, cash in hand — it’s as simple as that.

Why Sell Your Jewelry?

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Selling jewelry can be a great way to make extra money with little effort. You might have a long-forgotten sterling silver necklace or a diamond tennis bracelet lying in your jewelry box. Rather than letting your jewelry collect dust, you can sell it to a reputable buyer.

In addition to selling pieces you no longer wear, here are some other reasons you might consider selling your jewelry:

  • It’s broken: You may have a necklace or bracelet that’s broken beyond repair. You can still sell the piece and make money based on the value of the jewelry’s materials.
  • It’s outdated: Just like any other fashion item, jewelry trends come and go. If you have jewelry that’s out of style or doesn’t suit your taste, you can sell it to make some extra money.
  • It brings back bad memories: Sometimes, people sell their jewelry because it reminds them of a difficult time, such as a divorce. You can find closure and move forward by selling that ring or locket.
  • It’s worth money: If you own fine jewelry or rare pieces, such as a vintage brooch, they might be worth a lot. You can sell it when you need some extra cash.

How To Sell Jewelry

You typically have two options when you’re ready to sell your jewelry. The first is to sell it privately. You can ask your friends and family if they know someone who might want to buy it, or you can post your jewelry on online marketplace sites. With these sites, you arrange the payment and then meet the buyer in person or ship the jewelry to them directly. While you can make money selling privately, it often takes time and effort. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’ll sell your jewelry, no matter how long you try.

The second option is much easier. With this option, you visit a jewelry buyer who will conduct an appraisal and make you an immediate offer. Since these businesses specialize in appraising and purchasing pre-owned jewelry, they’ll offer a fair price reflecting the current market value. Just do your research first to make sure you’re choosing a credible buyer. We’re proud to be a veteran business  with over 25 years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How Much Is Your Jewelry Worth?

When you sell your jewelry, you can expect to receive just a portion of the amount you originally paid. That’s because most new jewelry has high markup rates so jewelry retailers can make profits. You pay a higher price for new jewelry than its actual value. Just like a new car, jewelry tends to depreciate immediately after you purchase it.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, rare and vintage jewelry can gain value over time, meaning you may get more money for those items than you originally paid. In most cases, an appraisal is the only way to determine the worth of your jewelry.

You can pay for an appraisal if you plan to sell your jewelry to a private buyer or third party. Still, you risk losing money on the sale — or worse, owing more for the appraisal than your jewelry’s worth. A better option is to bring your fine jewelry to us for a free appraisal so you can feel confident you’re getting the best deal.

What Jewelry Has the Highest Value?

The value of your jewelry can depend on various factors. As you go through your jewelry to assess its potential value, consider the following:

  • Condition: A piece of fine jewelry in good condition can have a higher value than a similar piece that’s worn or damaged.
  • Style: Jewelry currently in style usually sells for more than outdated pieces. But if you have very old jewelry, such as a piece from 100 years ago or older, it can be worth more.
  • Brand: Designer jewelry from high-end brands typically retains its value better over time. Brands in this category include Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Bulgari, and more.
  • Raw materials: Jewelry made with high-quality raw materials will always be worth more. An appraisal will consider the quality and carat weight of diamonds or gemstones.

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Jewelry

If you’re a first-time jewelry seller, here are some common mistakes to avoid to ensure you receive the best price for your pieces:

  • Using a third party: Some individuals offer their services as third-party jewelry buyers. However, they usually give you a lower price for your jewelry and then sell it themselves, meaning you’ll make less money on the deal.
  • Not reading reviews: When using jewelry buyers, read their reviews to ensure you take your jewelry to a reputable business.
  • Skipping an appraisal: Make sure you know how much your jewelry is worth before you sell it. If you can, you should take it to a jewelry buyer for a free appraisal before doing anything else.

Where To Sell Jewelry in Chicago

Ready to sell your jewelry? If you’re in Chicago, you can bring your fine jewelry to our store and get a free appraisal. We’re about a half hour from Chicago at 16 W. Ogden Ave., Westmont, Illinois. By bringing in your jewelry, we can accurately estimate its worth. Can’t make it in person? We also offer online appraisals for $10, which we’ll refund if you sell your item to us.

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