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Common Jewelry Repairs and How We Fix Them

It can be frustrating when your favorite piece of jewelry breaks. That’s why we at Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer wanted to share this list of common jewelry and watch repairs so you can be prepared to provide maximum upkeep for your favorite pieces.

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Ring Sizing

Picture of Silver Ring After Successful Repair Job

Image via Flickr by Zeev Barkan.

Just as the name says, this fix makes sure that your rings are the proper size for you. Rings should easily slide on and with a bit of a wiggle come right off again. If you’re having trouble, the ring should  be easy to slide on and take a little “wiggling” to come off. Resizing a ring is actually very simple. First, a small opening is cut into the bottom of the shank. Next, jewelers will add metal if going up a size or remove a portion and solder it together if decreasing the size. If it’s going down, we remove the appropriate amount of metal and then solder the metal back together.

Broken Shank Repair

Shank breaks aren’t often thought of, but they occur quite frequently. With wear and tear, fractures can appear at the bottom of the shank. There are ways to prevent these fractures though. It’s important that you don’t work out while wearing jewelry.  And this may come as a surprise, but you should avoid wearing jewelry in pools. Chlorine can actually cause gold or other metals to become brittle. Chlorine can also break down gemstones making it a major source of damage. Your jeweler will take, say a ring, and shape it back to the correct size. Soldering tools are then used to bring the metal together. After a polish, your piece is ready for action!

Prong Repair

Prongs are what hold your jewelry’s gemstones in place so they can catch the light just right. Over time, these prongs will wear thin or even snap off.  This type of repair is called “prong re-tipping.” The specific measures taken depend on the kind of prong damage. Worn down prongs will simply have a small ball of metal soldered on and the tip will be shaped. In cases when the entire prong needs to be replaced a metal piece that is the same size and shape as the original prong with will be created used.

Loose Gemstone Repair

Gemstones can loosen in their settings and start bouncing back or forth or even spinning. Don’t delay when you see a loose gemstone. You should put the piece in a bag and not wear it again until you get it to a jewelry repair professional. Wearing the piece while a stone is loose may result a loss of the gem. You can identify a loose gem by rolling your finger over the piece. One of the fixes is to have the piece’s prongs tightened. Another solution is to re-tip one or more of the prongs so the gem will sit snuggly.

Chain and Clasp Repair

Sometimes necklaces can get stuck on your shirt or even in your hair. When this happens, people tend to yank in an attempt to free the jewelry. Unfortunately, those violent movements can break the clasp or chain. When chains break, jewelers make the repair by solder the same type of metal as the chain together. In the case of a broken clasps, it is simply replaced with a new one.


How Can A Chipped Diamond Be Repaired?

Chipped diamonds are hard to repair. Splintering can actually happen if the diamond is hit on a particular angle. Unfortunately, most diamonds typically need to be replaced if this happens. Some, if they’re large enough can be repaired but they must be large enough to be recut. Make sure your jewelry insurance policy covers chipped diamonds in addition to loss.

Can I Confirm I’m Getting My Diamond Post Repair?

When working with jewelers you trust, this should be a non-issue; however, always feel free to voice any and all concerns you may have. Most business will be more than happy to put your mind at ease. You can ask to have your diamond placed beneath a microscope and have your jeweler walk you through your diamonds one of a kind characteristics. That way you can inspect it again when you go back to bring your diamond home with you.

Can I Take My Jewelry to a Different Store for Repairs?

Say you bought your jewelry in Naperville. You can take your jewelry to a dealer in La Grange for repairs. You heard it right. It doesn’t matter if you move or if your original jeweler closes. It is advised that you also look up a jeweler to make sure they are reputable before bringing your business to them.

How Should I Store My Jewelry?

Be sure you keep your precious items in an area that is dry and clean. A jewelry case that is lined with fabric is an excellent place, but a box with dividers and compartments is another great storage place. If you don’t have either, an ordinary box will work too. If you are going to use this method, simply wrap individual pieces with tissue paper. You should never have all your pieces mixed up together in a drawer or case either. When this happens your pieces can end up scratching and damaging each other.

How Can I Clean My Jewelry?

There’s no shortage of ways to give your pieces the ultimate shine. In fact, there are quite a few machines that are very small which polish up jewelry in just a few minutes. What’s more fascinating is how these machines clean the jewelry. High-frequency sound is actually what’s used to remove grime from the pieces.  Called ultrasonic cleaners, these come in all shapes and in a wide range of prices. If you would are curious if a one of these cleaners is right for you, talk to your local jeweler. They’ll be able to suggest the best model to suit your needs.

We’ve listed ways to repair your jewelry but you can also follow these easy guidelines to keep your fine jewelry in tip top share.  Wash your hands before removing your jewelry and don’t rest your jewelry on the sink’s rim. It could slip down the drain!

Further questions about repairs? Or has our guide convinced you to get your necklace or watch repaired by the experts? Let us know by giving us a call.

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