How to Spot a Fake Rolex


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How to Spot a Fake Rolex

Rolex is one of the most recognizable names among luxury watch manufacturers. The brand’s focus on precision timekeeping and sophisticated design has solidified Rolex’s international appeal as a status symbol. If you’re considering purchasing a new or used Rolex, you’ll want to know how to spot a fake Rolex from an authentic one. Fake Rolex watches are more prevalent than ever, and learning to distinguish the real from the fake is essential.

At Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers in Westmont, Illinois, we want to help you discover the hallmarks of a genuine Rolex to ensure you’re purchasing a true Rolex timepiece.

Fake Rolex

A Discolored or Uneven Watch Finish

A genuine Rolex watch has a patented combination of finishes that is difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate. Before purchasing a Rolex watch, research your desired model for the essential details. For example, the Rolex Yacht-Master features a platinum bezel, a sandblasted background, and polished raised numerals. Looking for these fine qualities can provide clues about a watch’s authenticity.

Due to a watch’s age and previous handling, a vintage or used Rolex may bear some wear and tear on the finish. Any visible scratches you detect on the watch case should be the same color as the surface material. If you notice colors that aren’t present on the case’s finish, then the watch is a fake Rolex. 

A Watch Crown and Dial Without Rolex Markings

Look closely at a genuine Rolex watch; you’ll see visible Rolex markings on the watch’s crown, the dial used to set the time and wind the watch. An authentic Rolex watch will have a fluted design on the crown. 

In addition to the crown, you’ll also want to check the watch’s dial. You should see the signature Rolex coronet engraved on the dial. If the coronet is missing or has an inferior-looking design, you know you’re looking at a fake Rolex. 

A Second Hand That Stutters and Ticks as It Moves Across the Watch’s Face

Fake Rolex watches often contain a quartz dial movement, unlike a genuine Rolex’s self-winding movement. Study the second hand’s movement to determine whether you’re looking at an authentic Rolex. The second hand of a genuine Rolex watch will move continuously around the watch face. Stuttering or jerking movements from the second hand and an audible ticking sound indicate that the watch has a quartz movement and isn’t a genuine Rolex. 

Keep in mind that the Rolex Oysterquartz, produced from approximately 1960 to 1970, is one exception to Rolex’s self-winding movement mechanism. This Rolex watch model runs on a quartz rather than a self-winding movement.

An Uncharacteristic Lightweight Feel in Your Hand

The name Rolex has always been synonymous with high-quality watch construction. Only the best metals go into a Rolex. You can distinguish a genuine Rolex from a fake Rolex by holding the watch. If it feels light, the watch is likely a counterfeit. 

Oystersteel, a high-performance steel of grade 904L, is a signature material used in Rolex watches. This stainless alloy, produced for the watchmaker since 1985, exhibits a polished finish and resists corrosion. Oystersteel maintains a distinctive beauty and brilliance unequaled among watch manufacturers.

Weighing a watch is the most accurate way to separate genuine Rolex watches from imitations. For example, an authentic Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner watch weighs approximately 153 grams. A fake Rolex of this style weighs approximately 124 grams.  

No Clear Model or Serial Numbers Present 

A genuine Rolex watch will have a model and serial number deeply etched into the metal. When you remove the watch band, you’ll find a serial number below six o’clock on the watch face, where the watch bracelet meets the watch case. The model number appears above the 12 o’clock position, accompanied by the text ORIG ROLEX DESIGN. 

A fake Rolex won’t have clearly defined engravings in the metal, unlike those on a genuine Rolex, which glow when raised at an angle in the light. If you have a Rolex manufactured after 2002, you should also find a tiny etched crown Rolex logo on the crystal at the six o’clock position.

No Magnified Date on the Watch Face

A genuine Rolex watch features a Cyclops lens. This distinctive lens magnifies the calendar date that appears on the face of the watch, a distinguishable hallmark of a genuine Rolex watch. You should see an enlarged date when looking at the watch straight on. The watch isn’t a genuine Rolex if you don’t see enlarged numerals or if the date is difficult to read through the lens.

While this identification technique applies to most Rolex models, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is one model that doesn’t feature a Cyclops lens and the date on the watch face.

Uneven Placement and Setting of Gemstones

In addition to the high-quality metals used in the watch’s manufacturing, Rolex is meticulous about the quality and placement of gemstones within its watch designs. Rolex gemologists select only the best gemstones, and gemstone setters carefully place the stones within the watch to attain the best color. 

Fake Rolex watches often display ill-fitting settings, crooked stones, and oversized bezels that appear out of proportion with the watch’s design. If you’re considering purchasing a Rolex watch containing diamonds or gemstones, carefully research the model to familiarize yourself with the details you should look for when studying the timepiece to ensure that you’re purchasing a genuine Rolex watch. 

Buy or Sell New and Vintage Rolex Watches at Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers

With this knowledge about Rolex watches, you’ll be more aware of the qualities separating authentic Rolex watches from fake imitations. When you want to buy or sell a genuine luxury Rolex watch, our Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers team can help. Contact us today to explore our new, vintage, and used Rolex watch inventory. Our experts are happy to assist you as you invest in a new watch or provide an offer  if you want to sell a watch you own. Call us at 630-969-9600, or visit our jewelry showroom at 16 W. Ogden Ave. in Westmont, Illinois. 

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