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Where To Get Autographs Authenticated In Person in Chicago

Are you excited about a signed item in your collection? It has little or no value until you can prove it’s genuine. Knowing where to get autographs authenticated in Chicago is important. Proof of authenticity makes the precious item in your hands invaluable.

Where Can You Get Autographs Authenticated?

If you have a potentially valuable autograph in your collection, you should have a professional check that it’s real as soon as possible. Bring your collectibles to Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer, and we’ll guide you through the process. We can help you submit your item to the appropriate authentication company and get the necessary certification documentation to prove its value.

How Does the Authentication Process Work?

Each authentication company uses its own process to evaluate and verify signatures. Most use the following standard scale to grade autographs:

  • PR-FR 1 (Poor to Fair): Significant fading and wear make the autograph nearly impossible to see.
  • GOOD 2 (Good): The autograph has lost about 75% of its readability with the naked eye but is clear enough to determine authenticity.
  • VG 3 (Very Good): It’s at least 50% visible to the naked eye but has noticeable fading.
  • VG-EX 4 (Very Good-Excellent): The autograph is 75% visible to the naked eye, and retracing is no more than 35% of the total signature.
  • EX 5 (Excellent): Aging is apparent, but smudging is limited, and the signature is still clear. Retracing by the original signer is 25% or less of the total autograph.
  • EX-MT 6 (Excellent-Mint): It’s very presentable but may have fading or minor blemishes. Very slight retracing is acceptable.
  • NM 7 (Near Mint): The signature is entirely visible to the naked eye but may have even fading or minor blemishes without affecting its appeal.
  • NM-MT 8 (Near Mint-Mint): The autograph is completely legible and intact. It has slight blemishes, such as light fading, inferior boldness, a minor skip, or an undesirable location.
  • MINT 9 (Mint): It’s in superb condition with only slight variances in boldness or a light skip.
  • GEM-MT 10 (Gem Mint): As the highest grade, it’s a nearly perfect autograph with no skipping or retracing and an ideal location.

JSA Authentication

As a top authenticator for over 15 years, James Spence Authentication (JSA) uses a video spectral comparator (VSC) to authenticate signatures. This machine provides infrared imaging, magnification, coaxial and side lighting, and overlaid autographs to reveal inconsistencies, erasures, and other signs of a fake. JSA provides a registration number and tamper-evident label for items that pass the authentication process.

BAS Authentication

Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) has a database of more than 10,000 examples to compare and verify signatures. The company uses VSC machines and Pro-Scopes to examine the signature’s structure, ink, and quality. Items that pass the authentication process receive a BAS certification number and tamper-evident label. You can also get a letter of authenticity for an additional fee.

PSA Authentication

PSA has certified more than 35 million collectibles worldwide. The company analyzes the ink, autograph structure, and object to determine authenticity. PSA may also use VSC equipment. It provides a certificate or letter of authenticity for your item with a unique serial number.

Why Is Autograph Authentication Important?

Establishing the genuineness of an autograph elevates it. Having autographs authenticated even if you witnessed the signature taking place is essential. Your testimony doesn’t carry the same weight as professional authentication. Unfortunately, there are many fakes on the market. An autograph only carries value, prestige, and historical significance when a professional has confirmed it’s real.

An authenticated autograph is important for the following reasons:

  • Individual peace of mind: If you’re purchasing an autographed piece or giving one as a gift, you want to know that the item is genuine and not a forgery. You’ll know it’s worth the money, and your gift will convey the appropriate meaning.
  • Future sale: If you or your heirs want to sell the autographed item later, proper authentication ensures you get what it’s worth.
  • Insurance purposes: An authentic signed piece can carry great value. You may want to protect your collectible item with an insurance policy, but you can’t insure it for its true value unless you can prove it’s real.
  • IRS valuation: Sometimes, you must assign value to a collectible item for tax purposes, which can change significantly with authentication. The IRS views acquiring a collectible with an individually directed account as a distribution in an amount equal to its value.

What Are the Signs of a Fake Autograph?

If you have an autograph in your collection that seems suspicious, you can check a few things yourself. There are several signs that it’s a fake.

A Flat Signature 

A printed or stamped autograph will sit flat on the photo or paper. Run your thumb lightly over it to see if you can feel the ink layer. If you can’t, it’s likely a fake.

Telltale Patterns 

Look at the autograph through a magnifying glass for distinctive patterns identifying a fake. If it’s a stamped signature, the ink will be heavier along the edges and lighter in the center. Autographs made with a marker in a robotic arm will have a round dot at the signature’s beginning and end where the marker paused briefly and moved up or down.

Equal Pressure 

Hold the autograph up to the light and examine the pressure applied to the ink. If it’s completely even or unnaturally smooth, it’s probably a fake. A real autograph has uneven pressure and natural variations in the smoothness of the lines.

Get Authentication With Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer

If you have a signed collectible, get it authenticated as soon as possible to protect it properly in your collection or get the best value for it on the appropriate market. Visit Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer for authentication and value estimates. We proudly serve the western suburbs of Chicago from our convenient Westmont, Illinois, location.

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