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Fine Jewelry Repair Guide

When you invest in fine jewelry, it’s helpful to know where to turn if those pieces are in need of repair. A piece of fine jewelry is always best left in the hands of a skilled professional, as it contains delicate parts that must be properly cared for to maintain its value. If you’re in the western suburbs of Chicago or the surrounding area, you can rely on our technicians at Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers to handle your jewelry care and repair needs.

The Jewelry Repair Process 

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Any piece of jewelry is susceptible to damage, especially if it’s a piece you wear often. Rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, and other items can all become damaged, whether a link or clasp breaks, the watch hands stop ticking, or the ring loses a precious stone. Choosing the right professional for your jewelry repair needs is a must, as leaving your precious possession in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing could just make the situation worse.

When comparing jewelry repair shops in the western Chicago area, you’ll find several indicators that Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers is an excellent option. First is our experience — we’ve been serving clients throughout Chicago’s western suburbs for over two decades. We work with private jewelry owners, dealers, and fellow jewelers to provide high-quality service throughout every interaction. In fact, our clients often come from the surrounding five states because of our reputation in the industry. This reputation includes our ability to handle jewelry repair in a professional manner.

We use the right tools and equipment to ensure a great outcome for all pieces. We also focus on maintaining the value of your piece, whether we’re repairing a watch that’s been in your family for years or a brand-new piece. 

Repairing Your Own Jewelry 

When you’re dealing with a damaged piece of jewelry, you may be tempted to take your own tools to the metal in an attempt to fix it yourself. However, this can lead to more damage that renders the piece unwearable. You could also lower the value of the piece, which is particularly concerning if it’s an expensive piece of fine jewelry that you want to maintain. 

Another reason to avoid DIY jewelry repairs is the potential for further damage to a sentimental piece. In many cases, jewelry is associated with a positive, meaningful time in your life. Perhaps you inherited your grandmother’s fine jewelry collection, or your parents gifted you a valuable watch to celebrate your college graduation. No matter the occasion, a piece of jewelry marks something meaningful, so the last thing you want to do is cause more damage to the item that celebrates that time and those memories.

Instead of taking the risk, you can always trust the professional jewelry technicians at Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers to handle your fine jewelry repair. We work on a wide range of pieces from many different brands. You can bring any piece of jewelry to us for repair, even if you didn’t purchase it from our shop.

Watch Repair

One of the most common requests we get at Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers is for watch repair. Many of our clients have valuable watches that they don’t want to part with simply because a link has fallen out of the band or the hands are no longer keeping accurate time. You don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite timepiece — our capable technicians are available to take care of any repair.

What sets us apart from other watch repair service providers in the western suburbs of Chicago is the high volume of luxury watches we see and handle on a daily basis. Clients come from around the area and throughout the country to buy and sell high-value and high-end watches, so we have worked with a wide range of pieces from all different brands. As a result, our technicians are extremely qualified to identify issues and make the necessary repairs.

You can rely on us to repair or replace the band, battery, buckle, crown, crystal, lug, stem, or face of the watch. We’ll also clean and polish every part so your watch will look brand new. In addition to these services, we can handle a number of other watch repair services. Wondering if we can take care of a particular need for your timepiece? Just ask!

We can repair watches from a wide range of major brands, including Ball, Breitling, Cartier, Hamilton, Movado, Omega, Pan, Rolex, TAG Heuer, Tiffany, Zenith, and many others. If you have a prized timepiece that needs repair, simply bring it to our shop, and we’ll provide you with an estimate for the service. All of our technicians work carefully to maintain the value and quality of your beautiful watch.

Custom Jewelry Repair

As one of the most experienced local providers of custom jewelry repair, we get many requests for this service. We are able to turn pieces around within a week, and your jewelry never leaves our location. All jewelry repair work is done on the premises, and your jewelry remains in the hands of technicians you can trust to properly care for your piece. We work on bands, bracelets, brooches, buckles, cuff links, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins, and rings, as well as fine watches. 

Our technicians are well-equipped to repair both modern and antique jewelry pieces, including those made with silver, gold, and platinum, as well as those that feature all types of precious stones. We’re knowledgeable in all types of jewelry, like art deco, art nouveau, and Victorian. We can restore and repair antique and estate pieces, set gems, tighten and repair chains, replace clasps, replace and tighten stones, repair and resize rings, and handle many other tasks related to high-end jewelry. 

If you have a piece of jewelry that needs some TLC, contact us or stop by our conveniently located shop to get more information on our jewelry and watch repair services. We look forward to serving you.

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