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How We Repair Jewelry

If your jewelry is in need of repair, adjustment, resizing, or cleaning, it’s always best to go to a professional jeweler. While there are a few things you can learn about how to repair gold jewelry and other fine jewelry online, you won’t have the quality tools and unmatched expertise of a trained jeweler. Read on to learn more about how professionals repair jewelry.

Repairing Gold and Silver Jewelry

Gold diamond encrusted earings with ruby stones against white background for jewelry repair concept
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In most cases, understanding how to repair gold jewelry is the same as knowing how to repair silver jewelry. The primary difference between these two popular metals is the durability. Sterling silver scratches and sustains damage more easily. Sterling silver is also prone to tarnishing. While gold is more durable, it’s not indestructible. We handle repairs for yellow, white, and rose gold pieces as well as sterling silver. Some of the common repairs we may handle include:

Broken Shank

The shank of your ring may break if it’s exposed to extreme pressure, which is why you should avoid lifting weights or playing sports while wearing jewelry. If the shank breaks, we can repair it by forming the ring into a round shape again and using soldering tools to flow the metal together. 

Prong Repair

Prongs are often used to hold precious stones in place. The tip of the prong should be rounded, but it can flatten and even break over time. If you have a loose stone or damaged prongs, we can easily repair this issue. If the prong sustained only minimal damage, we can often solder a bit of new metal on to restore the prong’s strength and shape. In some cases, we may need to replace the entire prong. If multiple prongs need to be replaced, we may simply replace the entire head for a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Chain and Clasp Repair

Chains and clasps are easily broken, especially if you have children who like to pull on your jewelry. The most common problem is a loose or broken jump ring. The jump ring secures the chain to the clasp, and it can come loose if too much pressure is applied. We can solder a broken chain or ring back together. If the clasp itself is broken, we typically replace the clasp entirely, giving you the option to choose a different clasp style if you’d like.

Loose Stone Repair

Prongs are only one of many stone settings. You may find that your stone is suddenly able to spin or wiggle in another type of setting. In this case, you need a repair that focuses on stone tightening and setting rather than prong repair. If your stone has a bezel or channel setting, we will typically reset the entire stone. We can tighten the metal and add epoxy as needed as well.

Ring Resizing

Though this isn’t a repair in the typical sense, resizing is a very common service that we offer. If a ring is too small, we can alter the size easily by cutting the band and adding a small amount of metal that matches the original band. We then solder the band to flow the metals together. If the ring is too large, we remove the necessary amount of metal before flowing the metal back together with soldering.

Repairing and Restoring Vintage Jewelry

It takes a trained eye to know how to repair vintage jewelry. We’re experienced working with antique, estate, and vintage jewelry of many kinds. Over time, prongs loosen, stones fall out, and details become worn. Your antique jewelry may need a thorough cleaning as well to restore it to its original brilliance. We can assist with all these issues.

As part of the restoration process, we will:

Inspect Gems 

Loose or missing gems are common with antique jewelry. We carefully inspect these pieces for any stones that have fallen out so we can help you find a suitable replacement. We will also tighten and repair the prongs or other settings around existing stones.

Rebuild the Jewelry

Over time, the structure of antique jewelry can begin to break down. We can rebuild supporting galleries, bands, and other parts of your jewelry by carefully soldering new metal into place when needed. This will add to the supporting structure of your jewelry and can also help restore some of the decorative elements.

Polish the Surface

A professional polishing will restore luster and shine to your antique pieces.

Plate as Needed

If your jewelry was plated, we can fuse new metal to the surface of the item. This is done by submerging the jewelry into a tank of water and metal salts and running electricity through the water to fuse the new metal to the surface.

Clean the Piece

Our professional tools are the ideal choice for cleaning your antique jewelry. We can use an ultrasonic cleaner that submerges the jewelry in water and dislodges dirt with bubbles. We can also use a steam cleaner that uses high-pressure steam to blast away dirt without damaging the jewelry.

Repairing Enamel Jewelry

Our professionals know how to repair enamel jewelry that has become discolored or worn. Enamel is a type of colored glass powder that’s applied to the surface of the jewelry. You cannot properly repair enamel at home using paint. Instead, you should work with one of our professionals who can match the color and use the appropriate high-temperature fusing process. 

Enameling jewelry is a delicate art form. The enamel powder you begin with is only a pale representation of what the finished product may look like. If the enamel is fused at a high temperature, it will be more durable and translucent. Enamel fused at a lower temperature is more opaque and fragile. We can help restore jewelry enamel to its original state.

Schedule Jewelry Repair in the Western Suburbs

If your jewelry needs repairs, contact us at Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyer. We keep your jewelry on-site throughout the repair process so you always know exactly where your precious items are. Our expert jewelers can help you with a wide range of repairs.

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