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How We Repair Your Watch at Our Westmont Watch Repair Shop

How a watch expert repairs and takes care of your watch directly affects its longevity. When your watch is handled by an expert, its life span can be extended by several years. Whether it’s your regular timepiece or a collector’s item, when your watch breaks down, how do you ensure that it will be handled with professionalism and the utmost care?

At Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers, we want your wristwatch or pocket watch to always look sharp as well as tell you the correct time throughout the day. You should be able to plan your time, make a bold fashion statement, and enjoy the intrinsic value of your watch. Here’s how we handle watch repairs at our Westmont shop.

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Common Issues With Watches

Here, we will look at both quartz and mechanical watches. The major difference between these two categories is how they store and expend the energy used to run the watch.

Repairing Quartz Watches

Quartz watches use electrical energy supplied by a miniaturized battery. When your quartz watch breaks down, the major things we check are the battery and the buttons. This is because these are the components that wear out quickly and get affected by dust the most. We will replace the battery and check if the buttons are working. If any buttons are faulty, we will replace the spring for you. We will also clean the watch to remove dust and dirt. These are usually easy fixes and won’t take us long.

Repairing Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches use energy stored in the mainspring, which slowly unwinds and transfers the energy to the hands to show the time.

There are over 180 moving pieces in a mechanical watch. We often need to disassemble it to be able to figure out what the problem is before we fix it. While disassembling it, the watch expert must ensure that all the pieces are carefully removed and stored before the repair process begins. We guarantee you that our team of well-qualified watch experts will take care of your watch and update you on the repair process promptly. When we’re finished, the watch will be stored safely until you return to collect it.

Service Options That We Offer

Depending on a few factors, the service options we recommend will vary. These factors include the type of watch, how much you wish to spend on repairing the watch, how soon you need it back, and nature of the damage.

Full Service Watch Repair

The first option that we highly recommend is the full service. Here, our in-house watch experts will carefully disassemble your watch and assess it. They will then replace the worn-out parts including seals and gaskets to ensure your watch remains water-resistant. After that, they will clean and oil all the moving parts. Our experts will then proceed to assemble your watch and test it for power reserve and timekeeping capabilities. After it passes these tests, we will polish and buff the case and bracelet and store it safely until you come to collect it. Everything is done in-house, and your watch never leaves our establishment.

Partial Watch Repair

The second option is having a partial job or repair. We will usually advise you to select this option if you bring your watch in for minor replacements and repairs. These include battery replacements and demagnetizing your watch. We will still need to carefully examine your watch and advise you on the extent of damage and repair needed. If the repair needed is not complex, then they will repair it and call you when the job is done.

Antique and Vintage Watch Repair

The last service option that we offer is a special category that suits the owners of antique and vintage wristwatches and pocket watches. These items need to be repaired by specialists. We understand how delicate these watches are, and we offer a special degree of care while repairing them. We will carefully disassemble it, clean it, and replace any broken parts. We will then ensure that the watch is well sealed to prevent dust and water from getting in.

DIY Watch Repairs – Should I Repair My Watch Myself?

As experts, we do not advise you to perform any repairs by yourself. We advise that the only maintenance you conduct on your watch is gently cleaning the surface. Always use a soft cloth dampened in warm water to gently wipe the surfaces. Do not wipe any leather parts, including straps. If your watch has leather straps and you wish to have it cleaned, then we recommend that you bring it to us. These should be cleaned with a specific leather conditioner and need extra care when detaching them. Doing this by yourself can leave scratch marks on the surface of your watch if anything goes wrong.

What To Look for in a Watch Repair Shop

When you are scouting for a shop to repair or service your watch, please consider client reviews, the experience of the repair staff and technicians, and the care and handling of your watch. At Americash Jewelry & Coin Buyers, our success is due to our principles of treating every client with the utmost respect and offering the best service. We also have in-house technicians who will handle your watch with care and under a strict policy that your watch should never leave our premises until it is handed back to you after service or repair.

Get Your Watch Repaired in Westmont

With over 20 years of experience in purchasing and collecting wristwatches and pocket watches, we boast a rich pool of knowledge and expertise in repairing a wide variety of timepieces. Please feel free to visit our Westmont shop for an assessment and expert evaluation. We understand how much you value your timepiece, and we guarantee that our experts will handle your watch with the proper care and professionalism it deserves. Contact us today to learn more.

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